racial assaults in london boroughs

Racial Assaults per London Borough

In this mapping project, I tried to figure out if there is relation between the number (either absolute or proportionate) of racial assaults and the level of education and political orientation. However, to maintain a certain objectivity, when presenting the level of education per borough, one has to take into account also the mean annual income per capita of each borough (assuming that the bigger the income, the bigger the opportunities for someone to pursue an academic degree).

Table 1 shows the absolute number of racial assaults per borough in a period of two years (April 2009-March 2011). Table 2 shows the number of assaults per borough normalized by each boroughs population. As we can see, the City of London, which has a population of 7.400, in Table 1 appears with a lighter shade of purple, because the absolute number of assaults is 72. The City of Westminster appears as the darkest shade of purple in Table 2, with an absolute number of 264 racial assaults. This number tops the list of racial assaults per borough, however, when considered as a ratio of the population (219.400 according to the last census) is still a lot smaller that City of London’s ratio. London Borough of Lambeth, with an absolute number of 87 assaults, being the highest populated borough, has a low ratio of assaults, when compared with the three top boroughs, which are City of London, City of Westminster and Camden. The numbers appearing in the legend of Table 2 make no real sense, it is the absolute number of assaults divided by the population and then multiplied with 1000 to have an above zero highest grade. However, what we care more about here is how the map changes if we calculate the proportion of the assaults, and how it gives more accurate results of the proportion of racists per borough.

In Table 3 there seems to be an accumulation of degree holders in west London, which  partially corresponds to Table 4, which shows the mean annual income per capita.

In Table 5 we cannot see a clear pattern of political orientation and assault ratio. What we can see, is that the three boroughs that have almost zero assaults mostly support Liberals/Democrats and Labour. Then the rest racist boroughs are almost equally divided between Labours and Tories.

Influenced by the situation in Greece, I expected to be able to draw some conclusions, when bringing together these data. However, one does not manage to draw a clear pattern at first glance over the connection of racial assaults, education level and political orientation.

note: this was my first project for the module “gis and science” in my mres course at ucl

data downloaded from http://data.london.gov.uk/

maps created with ArcGIS

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Katerina is a Google Developer Expert for Angular and a software engineer, focused on the web front end. Her projects focus on interactivity, web maps and new technologies. She also likes to mix and match web APIs, experimenting with device sensors, and she open sources her code for the general good. She speaks at international conferences and co-organizes the Angular Athens meetup. She is also involved with supporting diversity in the community, speaking about it and helping the ngGirls whenever she can. Katerina is obsessed with sharing knowledge and spreading the word about things she loves, which is all that has to do with web. She is indigenous to the internet, and she loves web development. So much that she does not understand the distinction between work and life sometimes. Or so her friends say. She lives with her Maine Coon in Athens, Greece.

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